About Ena Rodriguez

About Ena Rodriguez
Ena RodriguezC-IAYT (Nationally Certified Yoga Therapist) E-RYT500, YACEP

Certified iRest® (Integrative Restoration) Teacher 

Membership Affiliations:
Yoga Alliance (YA), Integrative Restoration (IRI), 
International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)



In 1997, Ena took her first yoga class and knew it would be a lifelong path.  Having endured anxiety throughout her 20's as a professional actress in Los Angeles, she turned to yoga. Through yoga, she found she no longer needed  a prescription she had taken for years due to the therapeutic effects of the practice.  In 2000,  Ena earned her 200 hour teacher certification in a year long, one-on-one program taught by her teacher in the White Lotus Tradition.

Ena was recruited to teach at the renowned Yoga Works where she had been a student. She taught for five years in Orange County and in LA and in 2006, relocated her family to Colorado.  In 2007, Ena opened Treetop Yoga in Fort Collins, teaching and managing for over five years. In 2010 Ena was certified as a Yoga Therapist through the Rocky Mountain Insitute of Yoga and Ayuveda, a school with 23 years history.  In 2011, she sold her group space and opened Northern Colorado's first private practice, Treetop Yoga Therapy. Ena works full time with private clients. Her therapeutic work includes clients with MS, Muscular Dystrophy, cancer, nervous system issues, anxiety, depression, Bi-Polar II, sensory integration issues, TBI and PTS. She works off-site, as well. for those whose conditions limit their mobility. In 2014, Ena entered the two year certification program in iRest®, a yogic meditation protocol used by the military today. She partnered with the VA to teach grant-sponsored veterans groups from 2014-2017, 2018-2019 with InnerBalance Addiction recovery and more, and continues to weave iRest into her private practice for personal inquiry and symptoms of trauma. 

Certifications:   With over 30,000 teaching hours, Ena is certified at the 500 hour level holding the designation of Experienced, Yoga Alliance's highest ranking granting her permission to teach in advanced teacher trainings. Other certifications include CLASSICAL ASTANGA with Erich Schiffman, YOGA STUDIES 100 hour program at UC Irvine and Loyola Marymount LA, CLASSICAL YOGA THERAPY with the Rocky Mountain Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda (RMIYA), Certified iRest ® Yoga Nidra Teacher (levels 1, 2 and 3). She has additional training in yoga nidra, ayurveda, yoga psychiatry and Mahabharata ancient textual studies.

Ena has recently been awarded the national certification of C-IAYT conferred her by the grandparenting process in 2016 to meet new standards of accreditation. She has also been granted the designation of YACEP, or Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, making her eligible to regularly provide CEU's to yoga teachers registered with YA. 

Agency Contracts: Ena has been contracted by Project Self-Sufficiency for work with small children, recruited as the first yoga related provider for the Cheyenne VA and Warren Air Force Base.  The city of Fort Collins Adaptive Recreational Opportunities Dept. for veterans contracted weekly iRest sessions for vets funded by a Paralympic and D.o.D. grant from 2014-16.  She has taught clients referred by the Department of Human Services (family division) and has taught various programs for caregivers and patients with the Alheimer's Association.  For five years, Ena taught teen girls in yearly conferences for PSD Schools. Ena was contracted by the Brain Injury Alliance of Denver and in 2016 was hired by the Colorado Recreational Therapists Association to provide a CEU workshop for Colorado Trauma Providers. Ena provided contract work for InnerBalance in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in Loveland, Colorado teaching iRest modules for trauma and improved coping skills 2017-2019. Her work continues with private clients online with Skype as well as in person.

Faculty Experience: Ena has taught in RMIYA's (Rocky Mountain Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda) 200, 300 and Ayurvedic Psychiatry trainings from 2011-2014. She has contributed to Shambhava's Prenatal training with the Mommy and Me module in 2014. Cambio Yoga, Colorado Springs contracted her for the iRest/Yoga Nidra in their 300 hour program in 2014, and in 2019, Ena was flown to Panama to teach Yoga Psychology in Wild Earth's Therapeutic Yoga 200 hour program.

E-RYT 500 Registered Yoga Teacher

Influential asana teachers:  Erich Schiffmann, Angela Farmer, Gary Kraftsow, Ana Forrest, Rod Stryker, Adhil Palkivala, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.  She has attended workshops with luminaries  in LA and Orange County, like Shiva Rea, Seane Corne, Amy Weintraub, Leslie Kaminoff and Kofi Busia.  

Primary Spiritual guides: Ena would like to thank Sarasvati Buhrman, PhD her yoga therapy teacher.  Dr. Buhrman began RMIYA over 23 years ago and is a nun in the Vairagi tradition with Baba Hari Das as well as a Christian in the Episcopal church of Estes Park.  Her respected Ayurvedic Medicine and Classical Yoga Therapy practice is in Boulder, Co.  www.ayuvedicsolutions.com 

Yoga Nidra: Ena has studied traditional Yoga Nidra with Ed and Deb Shapiro (Swamis Brahmananda and Dharmavati) of Boulder.  The Shapiros gave her the Sanskrit name, Deva Shakti Ma.  Ed studied and lived in India with his teacher, Swami Satyananda.  Deb is author of several books on meditation.  Their work is at www.edanddebshapiro.com and they have a regular blog at the Huffington Post: Going out of your Mind. 

Non-dualism and Tantra:  Her underpinning philosophy in her classes partially derives from studies and retreats with Douglas Brooks, Ph D. in Rajanaka Tantra of the Srividya tradition.  Brooks lived with his teacher for many years in India, Dr. Gopala Aiyar Sundaramoorthy. His work is at www.rajanaka.com.   

iRest:  Continuing that study, she has completed the two year, Certified iRest ® Yoga Nidra teacher program.  She is one of only six teachers in Colorado.  She has been trained by developer Richard Miller PhD, of the Integrative Restoration Institute and co-founder of IAYT.  Miller is 40 years a yogi and psychotherapist whose protocol is a Tier II CAP (Complementary Alternative Program) used by the military today for returning vets and PTSD. Ena is a final LEVEL 3 graduate.  His work is at www.iRest.us. Ena has been interviewed by Rob Schware, PhD for the Huffington Post on his Yoga in Service series in 2015. 

Specialty Groups:  Ena originated Mommy and Me for Yoga Works in Huntington Beach in 2000, and held the longest running class in Northern Colorado at Om Ananada Yoga Fort Collins and Community Yoga in Loveland. She spoke quarterly for new mothers at Poudre Valley Hospital and the Medical Center of the Rockies on the benefits of yoga in that crazy first year of parenthood. She retired the format in 2017. 

The Arts and Business:  Ena studied Drama at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Al, landing an anchor job at 19 for the American Wholesale Shopping Network.  She also worked at the local NBC affiliate as a receptionist and teleprompter for the evening news.  After landing her first movie in Alabama at 21, she moved to LA and successfully acted in film,TV, traveling the world with her then husband, a film and TV producer.  In 1996, she joined the Huntington Beach and Cypress Art Leagues showing her work in watercolors.  In 2003, she co-founded and designed for Sh'ena Garb yoga apparel/accesories in studios before moving to Colorado.  She has served as Vice President of the Board for OpenStage Theatre in Fort Collins and President for the Rocky Mountain Institute of Yoga and Ayuveda where she was permanent faculty as well. In 2015, Ena was signed by the Donna Baldwin Talent Agency in Denver, Colorado, rekindling her acting career. In 2019, Ena was picked up by Mitchell and Associates in Albuquerque, NM for work in TV and Film. The arts and yoga therapy continue to inform each other in her work for both.