Ena's Teaching Style

Written by Ena Burrud. Posted in About Treetop Yoga Therapy


Who is Ena?

In the south, where I was raised, faith and prayer are the fabric of daily life. My grandfather was a Pentacostal tent revival minister in Alabama. He and my part-Cherokee grandmother spoke in tongues and adhered to strong beliefs. That passion has kept me spiritually curious my entire life. Yoga has impacted me deeply for its shared, underlying message: practice, and the feeling of deep connection will arise. It was always there.

Since childhood, I have studied the arts, an actress, writer and painter. When I discovered yoga, I learned practices that kept creativity fresh and flowing. Wonder and curiosity deepened and I felt more balanced emotionally. Friends and family commented on the shifts they saw. 

My mission is to hold space for your experience. Through yoga, patterns reveal themselves and feedback comes from within. A yoga therapist simply meets those insights with practices that guide you deeper into your own inate peace and clarity. Whether through poses, breathing, meditation, philosophy or psycho-spiritual discussion, students feel more resilient and peaceful in their lives. Daily life has potency. Yoga shows us how to feel it.